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Gifts for People Who Love Dogs
Gifts For People Who Love Their Dog...

Gifts for Dog Owners

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Metal Dog Bone or Fish Shaped  Cookie Cutters
These metal dog bone cookie cutters or metal fish shaped cookie cutter is  perfect for baking pet or human treats!

Metal Animal Cookie Cuttter - Dog Bone, Fish
Dog Bone Cookie Cutter

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Plastic Animal & Dog Shaped Cookie Cutters
These plastic  animal or dog bone cookie cutters are fabulous for baking pet or human treats! Children love these various animal shaped (cat, fish,  puppy)

Plastic Animal Cookie Cuttter - Cat, Fish, Dog Bone, Puppy
Cat Shaped Cookie Cutter

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Pet Lovers Canine Cookbook
Biscuits & Snacks, Holiday Treats, Doggie Birthday Cakes & Parties, Tips, Gift Ideas. Published by Biscuits ‘N Bones™ / Spiral bound, laminated (Please be sure to check out the cookie cutter)

Pet Lovers Canine Cookbook


God Bless Our Dog Bear
This Dog Bear makes a great gift for your little one who is a dog lover. From the Holy Bear Collection


Dog Bear from the HolyBear Collection


Pet Lovers Old West Doggie Travel Guide Tips on traveling with your dog to your favorite destinations, listing of pet spas, pet-friendly lodging, and a special bonus to readers of “Old West”


Pet Lovers Old West Doggie Travel Guide

Pet Lovers Crème de la Crème of Pet Living
A Pet Lover’s Guide to Enhancing a Pet’s Total Life.

Pet Lovers Crème de la Crème of Pet Living

Autograph Stuffed Animals
Three  (3) various autograph stuffed animal/autograph hound. Autograph dog, its a boy/girl auto graph hound etc., . Perfect for collecting all of your friend's signatures. Use any felt tip pen or marker.

Autograph Stuff Aniamls
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STYLE $9.00

Baby's First Visitor Autograph Hound 16"
Color $11.00

Dogs Plastic License Plate Frames

These durable, high impact black plastic vehicle frames with molded designs come in Rainbow colors. Buy one for the front and the back

Dogs Plastic License Plate Frames Rainbow Dog License Plate


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